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IV 41    kuto jateyam iti te rama ma stu vicarana imam katham aham hanmityesa te stu vicarana (32)
Rama asked:
Lord, how could there be even an intention to diversify in the infinite consciousness?
Vasistha said:
O Rama, there is no contradiction in my statements.
You will see the beauty of the truth in my statements when you attain the vision of truth.
Descriptions of creation etc. are given in the scriptures for the purpose of instructing disciples: do not let your mind be coloured by them.
When you realise that which is indicated by the words, then naturally you will abandon the jugglery of words.
In the infinite consciousness itself there is neither an intention nor the veil of delusion.
But, that itself is before you as the world.
This can be realised only when ignorance comes to an end.
Ignorance will not cease except with the help of instruction which rests in the use of these words and descriptions.
This ignorance seeks to destroy itself and hence seeks the light of true knowledge.
Weapons are destroyed by other weapons, dirt cleans dirt, poison cures poison and enemies are destroyed by other enemies: even so this Maya rejoices when it is destroyed!
The moment you become aware of this Maya, it vanishes.
This ignorance or Maya veils the truth and creates this diversity; but it does not know its own nature, and that is strange.
As long as one does not enquire into its nature, it rules; the moment there is enquiry into its nature, it ceases.
This Maya does not exist in truth.
So long as this truth is not directly experienced by you, you will have to accept my word for it.
He who knows that Brahman alone is the truth, he is liberated.
All other points of view are intended to bind a person to ignorance.
This ignorance will not go away without self-knowledge.
And, self-knowledge arises only when the scriptures are studied deeply.
Whatever may be the origin of this ignorance, surely, even that exists in the self.
Hence, O Rama, do not enquire into 'How has this ignorance arisen'; but enquire into 'How shall I get rid of it'.
When this ignorance or Maya has ceased to be, then you shall know how it arose.
You will realise that this ignorance is not a real entity.
It arises only in a state of unwisdom.
Not a single person, whether he is a great scholar or a hero, has been spared by this ignorance!
This ignorance is the source of all sorrow: uproot and destroy it.
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