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IV 40    brahma cid brahma ca mano brahma vijnanavastu ca brahmartho brahma sabdas ca brahma cid brahma dhatavah (29)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, this entire creation of world-appearance is but an accidental manifestation of the intention of the omnipotent conscious-energy (cit-sakti) of the infinite consciousness or Brahman.
The intention itself condenses and thus gives rise in the mind to the substance thus intended.
Immediately the mind reproduces the substance as if in the objective field.
At this stage, there is a notion of this creation having factually abandoned its fundamental and true nature as the infinite consciousness.
This infinite consciousness apparently sees within itself a pure void: and the conscious-energy (cit-sakti) thereupon brings space into existence.
In that conscious-energy there arises an intention to diversify: this intention itself is then regarded as the creator Brahma, with his retinue of other living creatures.
Thus have all the fourteen worlds appeared in the space of infinite consciousness, with their endless variety of beings - some immersed in dense darkness, some very close to enlightenment and others fully enlightened.
In this world, O Rama, among the many species of living beings only the human beings are fit to be instructed into the nature of truth.
Even among these human beings many are obsessed by sorrow and delusion, hate and fear.
All this I shall presently deal with in great detail.
But all this talk about who created this world and how it was created is intended only for the purpose of composing scriptures and expounding them: it is not based on truth.
Modifications arising in the infinite consciousness or organisation of the cosmic being, do not really take place in the Lord, though they appear to do so.
There is naught but the infinite consciousness, even in imagination!
To think of that being the creator and the universe as the created, is absurd: when one lamp is kindled from another, there is no creator-creature relationship between them - fire is one.
Creation is just a word, it has no corresponding substantial reality.
Consciousness is Brahman, the mind is Brahman, the intellect is Brahman, Brahman alone is the substance.
Sound or word is Brahman and Brahman alone is the component of all substances.
All indeed is Brahman; there is no world in reality.
Just as when the dirt is removed the real substance is made manifest, just as when the darkness of the night is dispelled the objects that were shrouded by the darkness are clearly seen, even so when ignorance is dispelled truth is realised.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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