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IV 39    ajnasya rdhabuddhasya sarvam brahmeti yo vadet mahanarakajalesu sa tena viniyojitah (24)
Vasistha continued:
Rama, the absolute Brahman being omnipotent, his infinite potencies appear as this visible universe.
All the diverse categories like reality, unreality, unity, diversity, beginning and end exist in that Brahman.
Like waves on the sea, the jiva also appears in Brahman self-limited by individualised consciousness: this jiva later undergoes progressively denser conditioning, functions in accordance with that conditioning and experiences the consequences of such action.
Rama asked:
Lord, Brahman is free from sorrow; and yet that which has emerged from it, as a lamp kindled from another lamp, is the universe which is full of sorrow.
How is this possible?
Valmiki said:
Hearing this question, Vasistha contemplated thus for a while:
Obviously, Rama's understanding is not efficient because there is impurity in his mind.
Yet, if he is not enabled fully to understand the truth, his mind will not find rest.
As long as the mind is swayed by thoughts of pleasure or happiness, so long is it unable to comprehend the truth.
If the mind is pure, then it instantly comprehends the truth.
Hence, it is declared that
he who declares 'All this is Brahman' to one who is ignorant or half-awakened goes to hell.
Hence, a wise teacher should encourage his students first to be established in self-control and tranquillity.
Then the student should be properly examined before the knowledge of the truth is imparted to him.
Then, Vasistha said:
You will discover the truth for yourself whether Brahman is free from sorrow or not.
Or, I shall help you understand this in course of time.
For the present, understand this: Brahman is omnipotent, omnipresent and the indwelling presence in all.
This Brahman, through the indescribable power known as Maya, has brought this creation into being.
This Maya is capable of making the unreal appear as the real, and vice versa, even as the empty void of space appears to be blue in colour.
Behold Rama: you see such infinite diversity of creatures in this world itself.
That is the manifestation of the infinite potencies of the Lord.
Embrace tranquillity; he who is at peace within himself beholds the truth.
When the mind is not at peace, the world appears to be a confusion of diversity.
But in fact, this universe is an apparent manifestation of the infinite potencies of the Lord.
Just as where there is light there is natural visibility, even so on account of the omnipotence of the Lord, this world-appearance has arisen as his very nature.
However, simultaneously with this world-appearance, ignorance has also come into being, on account of which there is sorrow.
Give up this ignorance and be free.
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