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IV 14    yo na sastrena tapasa na jnanena pi vidyaya vinasto me manomohah ksino sau darsanena vam (31)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, the sage Bhrgu and the deity presiding over Time proceeded towards the bank of the river Samanga.
As they were descending the Mandara mountain they saw beautiful forests inhabited by perfected and enlightened sages.
They saw mighty elephants in rut.
They saw other perfected sages who were being playfully pelted with flowers by celestial nymphs.
They saw Buddhist (or enlightened) monks roaming the forest.
Then they descended on the plains dotted with villages and cities.
Very soon, they had reached the bank of the river Samanga.
There, the sage Bhrgu saw his son, who had another body and whose nature was different from what it was before, who was of a peaceful disposition and whose mind was established in the tranquillity of enlightenment, though he was deeply reflecting the destiny of living beings in the universe.
This radiant young man appeared to have reached total quiescence of mind in which the play of thoughts and counter-thoughts had ceased.
He was absolutely pure, like a crystal that was not interested even in reflecting what is around it!
There was no thought in his mind of either 'this is to be obtained' or 'this is to be avoided'.
Time pointed out this young man and said to Bhrgu:
"This is your son."
Sukra heard the words "Get up" and gently opened his eyes.
Seeing the two radiant beings standing in front of him, he greeted them appropriately and seated them on a rock.
In soft and sweet words, he said:
"O Divine beings, I am truly blessed to behold both of you!
By your very presence before me the delusions of my mind have been destroyed: delusions which are not destroyed either by the study of scriptures, or by austerities, or by wisdom or by knowledge.
Even a shower of nectar is not so blissful as the sight of holy ones.
The very earth trodden by your feet is holy."
The sage Bhrgu said to him:
"Recollect yourself, for you are not an ignorant person!"
Sukra was instantly awakened to the memory of his previous existence, which he beheld with his eyes closed for a brief period.
Sukra said:
"Behold, I have passed through countless embodiments and through countless experiences of pain and pleasure, wisdom and delusion.
I have been a cruel king, a greedy trader and a wandering ascetic.
There is no pleasure that I have not enjoyed, no action I have not performed, no unhappiness or happiness I have not endured.
Now I wish for nothing, nor do I wish to avoid anything: let nature take its course.
Come, father, let us go to where the previous body stands, dried up."
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