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IV 26 27    yasya ntar vasana rajjva grathibandhah saririnah mahanapi bahujno pi sa balena pi jiyate (27/20)
Vasistha continued:
The demon Sambara despatched his invulnerable army, protected by the three new demons, to fight with the gods.
The army of the gods, too, got ready to fight.
The demons were unarmed and they were engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the gods.
A fierce battle ensued.
Later they fought with all kinds of terrible missiles, destroying all the cities, villages, caves, animals and others.
Each side alternately enjoyed victory and suffered defeat.
The three principal demons looked for the principal gods, but they could not be found.
The demons went back to Sambara to report to him.
The gods prayed to the creator Brahma, who appeared before them at once, and begged him to find a way to destroy the three demons.
Brahma said:
O gods, Sambara cannot be killed now.
He will be killed after a hundred years, by lord Visnu.
It is wise for you to retreat from battle, as if defeated by the three demons.
In due course, on account of their engagement in this war, the ego-sense will arise in them.
Then they will be subjected to psychological conditioning and develop latent tendencies.
Just now, these three demons are utterly devoid of the ego-sense and its adjuncts (conditioning and tendencies).
They in whom the ego-sense ('me') and its counterpart (the tendencies) do not exist, know neither desire nor anger.
They are invincible.
He who is bound by the ego-sense ('me') and by the conditionin of the mind, even if he is regarded as a great man or a man of great learning, can be defeated even by a child.
In fact, the notions of 'I' and 'mine' are the eager receptacles which receive sorrow and suffering.
He who identifies the body with the self sinks in misery; he who even envisions the self as the omnipresent being overcomes sorrow.
To the latter, there is nothing in the three worlds which is not the self and which is to be desired.
He whose mind is conditioned can be defeated: in the absence of such conditioning even a mosquito becomes immortal.
The conditioned mind experiences suffering; when rid of the conditioning, it experiences delight. Conditioning or craving weakens a person.
Hence, you need not feel anxious to fight these three demons.
Do what you can to create in them the feelings of 'I' and 'mine'.
Since they are ignorant creatures of the demon Sambara they will easily fall for this bait.
Then they can be easily defeated by you all.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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