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IV 24 25    maha naraka samrajye matta duskrta varanah asa sara salakadhya durjaya hindriyarayah (24/1)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, in the great empire known as dreadful hell, evil actions roam like mighty elephants in rut.
The senses which are responsible for these actions are equipped with a formidable magazine of cravings.
Hence, these senses are hard to conquer.
These ungrateful senses destroy the body, their own abode and support.
However, one who is equipped with wisdom is able to restrain craving without injuring the being even as a noose restrains the elephant without harming its being.
The bliss enjoyed by the wise man who has his senses under control is incomparably superior to the enjoyment of a king who rules over a city built with brick and mortar.
The former's intelligence grows in clarity as his craving for sense-pleasure is worn out.
However, the craving disappears completely only after the supreme truth has been seen.
To the wise, the mind is an obedient servant, good counsellor, able commander of the senses, pleasing wife, protecting father and trustworthy friend.
It impels him in good actions.
Rama, be established in truth and live in freedom in a mindless state.
Behave not like the demons Dama, Vyala and Kata, whose story I shall presently narrate to you.
In the netherworld there was a mighty demon known as Sambara.
He was a pastmaster in the art of magic.
He created a magic city with a hundred suns in the horizon, walking and talking beings made of gold, swans carved in precious stones, ice-cold fire and his own celestial bodies.
He was a terror to the gods of heaven.
When he was asleep or away from his city, the gods took advantage of the situation and killed his army.
Enraged, the demon invaded the heaven.
The gods, afraid of his magic powers, hid themselves.
He could not find them.
But, they managed to kill his forces at opportune moments.
In order to protect his forces, the demon created three other demons: Dama, Vyala and Kata.
These three had had no previous incarnation and hence they were free from every type of mental conditioning.
They had no fear, doubt or other predisposition; they did not flee before the enemy, they were not afraid of death; they did not know the meaning of war, victory or defeat.
In fact, they were not independent jivas at all; they were merely the robot-like working projections of the demon Sambara.
Their behaviour was like that of one who had eradicated all latent tendencies or conditioning but had not attained enlightenment.
The demon Sambara was delighted that his army had invincible protectors.
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