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IV 12 13    svaya vasanaya loko yad yat karma karoti yah sa tathaiva tad apnoti netarasyeha kartrta (13/11)
Time continued:
O sage, gods, demons and human beings are non-different from this cosmic ocean of consciousness known as Brahman: this is the truth, all other assertions are false.
They (the gods, etc.) entertain false notions (like 'I am not the absolute') and thus superimpose upon themselves impurity and the feeling of downfall.
Even they dwell forever in this cosmic ocean of consciousness; yet considering themselves separated from Brahman, they are deluded.
Though they are for ever pure, they superimpose impurity on themselves and this is the seed of all their actions and their consequences, viz., happiness, unhappiness, ignorance and enlightenment.
Of these beings, some are pure like Siva and Visnu, some are slightly tainted like men and gods, some are in dense delusion like trees and shrubs, some are blinded by ignorance like worms, some wander far far from wisdom and some have reached the state of enlightenment and liberation, like Brahma, Visnu and Siva.
Though revolving thus in the wheel of ignorance and delusion, when one steps on to the wisdom concerning the supreme truth he is instantly redeemed.
Of these, neither they who are like the trees firmly rooted in delusion, nor they who have utterly destroyed their delusion need engage themselves in the enquiry into the scriptures.
The scriptures themselves have been produced by enlightened beings for the guidance of those who have been awakened from the slumber of ignorance after their evil nature and its expressions have ceased to be, and whose intellect naturally seeks such scriptural guidance.
O sage, it is only the mind that experiences pleasures and pain in this world, not the physical body of beings.
In fact, the physical body is nothing but the fruit of the fancy of the mind; the physical body is not an existential fact independent of the mind.
Whatever your son willed in his own mind, that he experiences; we are not responsible for this.
All beings here in this world obtain only those actions which spring from the storehouse of their own potentialities and predispositions: no one else is responsible for those actions, no superhuman being or god.
Come, let us go to where your son is engaged in penance, after momentarily enjoying the pleasures of the heaven.
Saying thus, Yama (Time) caught hold of Bhrgu and led him away...
While the sage Vasistha said this the eighth day came to a close and the assembly dispersed.
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