The Yoga Vasistha - part 1 - annex

The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of The Yoga Vasistha.


(jan 25)

the word used in the text for fate is 'daivam' which also means 'god'.

(jan 31)

vicara or inquiry is not reasoning nor analysis; it is directly looking into oneself.

(feb 4)

Akasa - Space or Dimension

Three important words occur in the text, which are: cidakasa, cittakasa and bhutakasa. Literally akasa means space, and hence cidakasa means consciousness-space, cittakasa means mind-space, and bhutakasa means the element space. These three concepts are thus beautifully explained by Bhagavan Ramana Maharsi:

"It is said that cidakasa itself is atma svarupa - image of atma, and that we can view it only with the help of the mind. How can we see it, if the mind has subsided?" someone asked. Bhagavan said: "If the sky is taken as an illustration, it must be stated to be of three varieties, cidakasa, cittakasa and bhutakasa. The natural state is called cidakasa, the ‘I’ feeling that is born from cidakasa is cittakasa. As that cittakasa expands and takes the shape of all the bhutas - elements, this is all bhutakasa. When the cittakasa, which is consciousness of the self - "I", does not see the cidakasa, but sees the bhutakasa, it is said to be mano akasa, and when it leaves mano akasa and sees cidakasa, it is said to be cinmaya - pure consciousness. The subsiding of the mind means, the idea of multiplicity of objects vanishes and the idea of oneness of objects appears. When that is achieved everything appears natural."

Perhaps, a better translation for the word akasa is 'dimension'. The same infinite consciousness is known as cidakasa, cittakasa and bhutakasa, viewed from the spiritual, mental - conceptual - and physical dimension respectively.

(22 feb)

the description of the royal couple’s life-style is extremely beautiful.

(feb 29)

the description is detailed and graphic in the text - compare with the description in the Bhagavatam.

(mrt 10)

the description is astonishing and resembles modern warfare and bombing of civilians.

(apr 2)

the demoness is perhaps the cholera virus - the connection with improper eating and living habits is interesting.

(may 6)

these two chapters are full of apt and graphic similes.

(aug 14)

asa is taken to mean both 'hope' and 'craving'

(aug 26)

alternative meaning: it is improper to say that one who is limited and conditioned became unconditioned; but it is true to say that the unconditioned being without qualities appears to be conditioned.

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