Dedicated to the Lotus Feet of Gurudev Sivananda

God's Cosmic Love brings about the incarnation of His light in our midst.
Such incarnations are our gurus, prophets, and saviours.
They don a human garb, so that they can be approached by human beings.
If they had unearthly personalities, then the common man would be scared away from them, and this would defeat their very purpose in descending on this earth.

Let us not forget that, when we refer to Bhagavan Sivananda, it is not to His body that we refer, but to the divinity within Him.
We live in body-consciousness, but He lived in the body, conscious of God.

It is to that God, in that body, that we pay our homage.
That body was His temple.
Bhagavan Sivananda was not a 'human being'.
He was an ideal.
He was (is) the Cosmic Being.
He is love infinite.
He is absolute selflessness.
He is God-consciousness.
He is the light of self-knowledge.

The light of self-knowledge shone in every thought, word, and deed that proceeded from Him during His Divine life on earth.
His thoughts, words, and deeds were in perfect accord.
They are preserved in his recorded words.
Through them, God's own light and love shine, illumining the path of our life.
In his words, truth stands revealed.

Open the eyes of your heart.
Let Gurudev Sivananda enshrined in your heart communicate his love and his light direct to your very soul.
Read a page a day, with faith, love and devotion.
Your daily life will soon be transformed into a divine life of peace, bliss and the highest wisdom.

Dust of Gurudev's Lotus Feet.

Swami Venkatesananda

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Swami Venkatesananda

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