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IX:22 - ananyaash chintayanto maam you janaah paryupaasate teshaam nityaabhiyuktaanaam yogakshemam vahaamy aham
IX:22 - To those men who worship Me alone, thinking of no other, I secure what is not already possessed, and preserve what they already possess.
This is the royal secret, the royal road to the realisation of the absolute!
We should disengage ourselves from the self-manufactured snare of illusion.
Thinking of God for a while and then of the objects of the world for the rest of the time betrays insincerity and a doubt.
The test of our sincerity here is the natural attitude of our mind to be ever conscious of God.
This habit must be cultivated, realising that it is on account of his grace that we are able to see, speak, hear, think and so on.
By merely becoming aware of this tremendous truth, we are freed from our own motivations and we live free, doing whatever has to be done.
We are able to be intensely active bind at the same time constantly aware of God's existence.
Krsna uses a clever psychological approach here:
"Think of me always; and I shall protect you."
If God only protects those who constantly think of him, who protects the others?
God alone.
To him all are equal and he is not partial towards any, except inasmuch as they open themselves to him and therefore receive his grace in greater abundance.
If you have the courage and the intelligence to investigate life, you find that all that you needed at a certain moment had already been created years ago.
The wheat for the bread that you had this morning grew specifically for you three years ago!
When the devotee meditates upon the assurance contained in this verse, the hypnotic suggestion of the Lord takes effect upon him and he lets himself go entirely.
It dawns upon him like a flash of lightning that God and God alone is the protector of all; and thenceforth he abandons all selfish activity and dedicates himself to the service of mankind in the spirit of the Gita, remembering God constantly.
It does not mean that such a devotee will be indifferent to the business of the world; on the contrary he will make himself an egoless, selfless and dynamic instrument in the hands of the Lord, for his will to be done.
The actual technique of attaining this state of being will be explained as we go on.
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The Song of God - Swami Venkatesananda - enlarged 4th edition – 1984 - published by The Chiltern Yoga Trust, Cape Town, South Africa

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