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X:39 - yach chaa pi sarvabhootaanaam beejam tad aham arjuna na tad asti vinaa yat syaan mayaa bhootam charaacharam
X:40 - na anto sti mama divyaanaam vibhooteenaam parantapa esha too ddeshatah prokto vibhooter vistaro mayaa
X:39 - And I am the seed of all beings, O Arjuna; there is no being, whether moving or unmoving, that can exist without Me.
X:40 - There is no end to my divine glories, O Arjuna. What I have spoken to you is but a mere indication of My infinite opulences.
There is an interesting dialogue in the Chandogya upanisad between a guru and a disciple.
The guru asks the disciple to bring a small (banyan) fruit - a variety of the fig.
The fruit is then broken.
There are thousands of small seeds in it.
One of them is isolated and broken.
"What do you find?" asks the guru.
The disciple replies: "Nothing".
"Ah, well, nothing? It is that nothing that has given birth to this gigantic tree."
That nothing contains the complete blue-print of the whole tree to its minutest details.
That is what makes the mango tree spring from the mango-seed and a banyan tree from the banyan seed, without the slightest error.
Scientists nowadays are busy analysing the mysterious factor in the human seed that is responsible for transmitting various characteristics from parent to offspring.
Even this search is bound, eventually, to lead us to the feet of God, provided, of course, that at the right moment we allow thought with its concepts and images, as also reason with its thesis and antithesis, to drop away, yielding place to pure wonderment.
Beyond this 'seed' is the unmanifest, transcendental godhead.
That godhead is clothed, as it were, with this manifestation-potential; even as each isolated, invisible electron coursing through a copper-wire contains the potentiality of the manifestation of its light and power.
This manifestation-potential and the consciousness 'within' it are not really two different and distinct entities, but one and the same.
Hence, if we zealously pursue our quest, anything - moving or unmoving - will take us to the goal, God.
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The Song of God - Swami Venkatesananda - enlarged 4th edition – 1984 - published by The Chiltern Yoga Trust, Cape Town, South Africa

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