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IX:7 - sarvabhootaani kaunteya prakritim yaanti maamikaam kalpakshaye punas taani kalpaadau visrijaamy aham
IX:8 - prakritim swaam avashtabhya visrijaami punah punah bhootagraamam imam kritsnam avasham prakriter vashaat
IX:7 - All beings, O Arjuna, enter into my Nature at the end of a Kalpa; I send them forth again at the beginning of the next kalpa.
IX:8 - The whole cosmic order is under Me. By My will it is manifested again and again, and by My will it is annihilated at the end.
Animating my nature, I again and again send forth all this multitude of beings, helpless by the force of nature.
The 'big bang' theory of creation states that all matter was condensed into a single superatom billions of years ago and when it burst the universe was born.
The force was such that the universe is still scattering!
On the other hand, the 'steady state' theory asserts that the universe is beginningless and endless and that out of the rudimentary hydrogen, new galaxies are constantly being formed to fill the space vacated by others moving away.
Krsna reconciles the two.
The 'big bang' is manifestation of his nature at the beginning of a kalpa (age ).
Since it is still in process of manifestation, we are not able to realise that one day all these will be withdrawn into his nature. i.e.
When the galaxies have dispersed far enough from one another to exhaust the original impulse, they will begin to return to the centre.
God, his nature and the potentiality of manifestation and unmanifestation, projection and withdrawal are all eternal; hence the continuous creation theory is also true.
Kalpa is a super-astronomical period of time; but in reality it is only kalpana (imagination) - a thought in the divine mind.
Thought involves both imagining and guessing in response to sensory stimuli.
Careful observation shows that at one point, just before we drop off to sleep, it seems as though the senses and the imagining faculties are returning to our nature; and once the imagining and guessing has ceased, they have returned.
When we wake (in dream or otherwise) those faculties start streaming out.
This happens to us every day, and to God every one of his days, which means that there is nothing but God.
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The Song of God - Swami Venkatesananda - enlarged 4th edition – 1984 - published by The Chiltern Yoga Trust, Cape Town, South Africa

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