5. The Self-consuming Reality
There is infinite diversity - which is perhaps a contradiction in terms: the infinite is infinite, it cannot be diversified; and what is diversified or fragmented cannot be infinite ... yet the universe is infinite diversity.
The indivisible space appears to be divided in infinite ways.
If you understand that sentence either you should be enlightened or go completely mad!
Krsna goes into all these discussions concerning the ultimate truth, for the simple reason that action which is not backed up by true understanding, is itself bondage.
Any action that is backed up by right understanding is itself liberation.
Mere doing is mechanical. Reflex actions and instinctive actions are mechanical actions. There is something else which rides your shoulders asking inconvenient questions.

The more awake you are, and the more insistent and persistent, the more inconvenient the questions become.
Till the questioner himself is found, the questioning will not stop. Strangely enough, when the answer is found, there is no-one to listen to it!

The Bhagavad Gita - Introduction | EN

Swami Venkatesananda

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